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Elite is a space trading game, where you fly from planet to
planet buying and selling goods, and use the cash to upgrade your

Space Flight Controls

Anticlockwise roll N - or joystick
Clockwise roll M - or joystick
Dive S - or jotstick
Climb X - or joystick
Increase speed SPACE
Decrease speed SYMBOL SHIFT
Front view 1
Back view 2
Left view 3
Right view 4

Space Combat Controls

Fire laser A - or fire button
Target missile T
Fire missile F
Unarm missile U
Energy bomb W
Escape capsule Q
Docking computer on C
Docking computer off C

Navigation Controls

Hyperspace H
Intergalactic jump G then H
Distance to system D
Cursor cross home B
Cursor cross control N, M, S, X (left, right, up, down)
Galactic chart I
Local cluster chart O

Trading Controls

Launch from station 1 - only while docked
Buy cargo 2 - only while docked
Sell cargo 3 - only while docked
Equip ship 4 - only while docked
Galactic chart I
Local cluster chart O
Data on system P
Market prices K
Status page L
Inventory ENTER
Find planet R - only while docked

Game Controls

Torus jump drive J
Freeze game CAPS SHIFT
Continue game SPACE
Initiate save SYMBOL SHIFT - only while docked

Other Controls

Hold a Sinclair port 1/Cursor/Kempston joystick left on the
initial screen to select control with that joystick port.

Note: these controls can only be used when the game is frozen

Keyboard recentering toggle R
Keyboard damping toggle D
Keyboard/joystick toggle K
Reverse joystick Y - Y-direction only
Reverse joystick B - both directions
Sound effects off Q
Sound effects on S
Start new game 1